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ROCKET MEN. Hamburg, Germany. —Philipp Püschel Trumpet, Electronics —​Lasse Golz Tenor Sax —Valentin Mühlberger Synths, Keys —Paul David. ROCKET MEN. Gefällt Mal. A Musical Trip Through Space & Galaxy. Rocket Men: The Daring Odyssey of Apollo 8 and the Astronauts Who Made Man's First Journey to the Moon | Kurson, Robert | ISBN: Rocket Men: the daring odyssey of Apollo 8 and the astronauts who made man's first journey to the moon: Kurson, Robert: Fremdsprachige Bücher. Rocket Man steht für: Rocket Man (Lied), Lied von Elton John und Bernie Taupin; Rocket Man (Film), amerikanische Komödie aus dem Jahr ; Rocket Man.

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Rocket Men. 東京都 杉並区高円寺南 見波ビル1F-A Tell OPEN ~ 定休日 木曜日 第一第三水曜日 rocketcom · Beiträge​. Rocket Men: The Daring Odyssey of Apollo 8 and the Astronauts Who Made Man's First Journey to the Moon | Kurson, Robert | ISBN: ROCKET MEN. Hamburg, Germany. —Philipp Püschel Trumpet, Electronics —​Lasse Golz Tenor Sax —Valentin Mühlberger Synths, Keys —Paul David. JAZZHOUSE FESTIVAL Fifty Years On Moon: ROCKET MEN + TOYTOY feat. SALOMEA. “That's one small step for a man, one giant leap for mankind“. Rocket Men.»Twerk & Travel in Space«– der Titel des erschienenen Albums ist bei dieser intergalaktischen Crew Programm. Die junge Band Rocket​. Rocket Men kommen aus Leipzig, Hamburg und Berlin und konnten mit ihren fulminanten und freigeistigen Jazz-Crossover-Klängen sowie ihren beiden. ROCKET MEN - Twerk & Travel in Space. Label: JazzLab. Vertrieb: Broken Silence. In The Rocket Men authors Rex Hall and Dave Shayler review this Soviet demonstration of technological progress from both the developmental and operational.

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Switzerland Schweizer Hitparade [40]. US Alternative Airplay Billboard [42]. Universal Records. This book is do well-written and do fascinating that it was a joy to read.

Thank you to Random House for providing a copy for review. Shelves: , audio , read-in , nonfiction , hear-hear-on-bt. I remember well for its many tragedies and a pervasive gloominess about the country's future outlook.

What I don't remember is how the year ended with the first manned trip to the moon on Apollo 8, set to launch Christmas day. One man even told NASA they dare not launch on Christmas, because it was sure to fail, kill everyone, and ruin the holiday for the entire country from that day forward.

But the flight succeeded. Succeeded in ways one couldn't imagine at t - A blast from the past. Succeeded in ways one couldn't imagine at the time, and for which credit is seldom given.

It gave the country a blast of just what it needed at that time -- Spirit? Unity, I think. Another thing I cannot remember are the names of which astronauts went with which Apollo mission.

I am horrible with names. And numbers. Apollo 11 and 13 stand out but only because they are in the news so often.

A thankfully brief history was given, and then on to the exciting stuff, off to orbit the moon and witness the dark side.

Some male acquaintances will find the descriptions of getting sick in a spaceship --where vomit and diarrhea become floating projectiles -- quite amusing.

Well, so did I! And I enjoyed the suspense each time the spaceship came to a new phase in its journey, always with a question about whether it would function as designed, or fail.

And the human faces put on the three astronauts as they made mistakes and at times struggled with their choices that put family second to career.

Narrator Ray Porter has a very nice voice and was able to make his reading sound conversational and to keep me interested even in the science parts.

In the lighter moments, I could have sworn I was listening to a snarky Tom Hanks, which is the highest of compliments! This is an amazing book. I believe that the Apollo 11 story has really overshadowed this story.

The author does a wonderful job of introducing us to the men who oversaw and flew this mission. He also really put the mission into perspective for the country.

This is a great audiobook. Aug 20, Scott rated it it was amazing. Whether it was the surprise Tet Offensive, the capture of the USS Pueblo, the riots in the streets of Chicago during the DNC, or the double-tragedy of the Martin Luther King and Bobby Kennedy assassinations, many headline news stories were often casting a fairly bleak view for the country.

But in the final weeks there was a story that, if only for a few brief moments, raised the spirits for some of the nation during the holiday season.

Kurso - America was not having a particularly good year. The goal, as put forth by JFK in his brief presidency, was to land Americans on the moon before I think this was one of the better straightforward 20th century history books I've read in awhile.

Feb 09, Jeff rated it it was amazing Shelves: yearread , science , non-fiction. Apollo 8 was the first time human beings traveled beyond Earth orbit and through deep space to another world - three astronauts traveled to the moon and made ten orbits before returning to the Earth.

Rocket Men is a fantastic recounting of this mission and the stories of the three astronauts that pulled it off: Frank Borman, Jim Lovell, and Bill Anders.

And you will understand why when you read the book. The US was lagging behind the Russians in all aspects of the space race - the Russians had put the first human in space, performed the first spacewalk, and had their eyes firmly set on the moon.

Meanwhile, NASA was having issues with their massive and complicated space vehicle, the Saturn V, which was designed to carry the first astronauts to the moon.

With intelligence coming back of an impending Russian mission to send cosmonauts to a lunar orbit, NASA gambled and decided to push Apollo 8 forward, despite the fact that engines malfunctioned during the unmanned Apollo 6 test flight.

There was a lot of hand wringing at NASA as the apex of the Apollo 8 mission would take place over Christmas and if something went wrong at the moon or before and the astronauts did not return, many would look at the moon differently and would remember Christmas with a heavy heart from that year forward.

Rocket Men contains a lot of biographical information about the three astronauts before and after Apollo 8, not just what they went through during the mission.

The reader also gets to know their wives, which I though was pretty neat, because they went through so much while their husbands trained and flew their missions.

I remember watching as much as I could of the subsequent missions, though. The Saturn V is an amazing sight, and still the most powerful machine ever made.

I am nuts about all things space. But there is so much more to this book than just a space mission. Take time to read the Sources section at the end of the book.

He also spend days with then NASA Flight Director Chris Kraft, interviewed anyone connected with Apollo 8 still alive to get the full story, and pored over many once-secret declassified documents.

The detail in the book is a testament to the amount of research carried out. Apollo 8 is truly a great story of boldly venturing in to the unknown along the lines of other monumental quests like climbing Everest, sailing across the Atlantic for the first time, or traveling to the poles for the first time.

View all 5 comments. Nov 17, Jason rated it it was amazing. Rocket Men: The Daring Odyssey of Apollo 8 is a very compelling narrative history of the first and very risky journey of man leaving earth to orbit the moon.

Kurson, like in his previous work, Shadow Divers, delves deeply into the context of a singular event, and makes the unique fit into the larger history.

While appropriate attention is devoted to their three families back in Houston, events in Missio Rocket Men: The Daring Odyssey of Apollo 8 is a very compelling narrative history of the first and very risky journey of man leaving earth to orbit the moon.

While appropriate attention is devoted to their three families back in Houston, events in Mission Control and a couple chapters to set the historical scene of the tumultuous in the United States, most of the text of this book takes place within the 11 x 13 sq foot space of the Apollo 8 command module.

Even within that confined capsule, that traveled a quarter million miles, and with an outcome that is well known, the intensity of the flight, it's risky and aggressiveness and world historical importance are told with full impact.

The admiration the author has for the crew is clear. The respect he has for their families and ground control teams comes through well enough.

He does perhaps hit on a bit too often the risks involved with the engines, and the lunar orbit insertion and extraction burns. That said, the he has written in a way that the reader can be the fourth member of the crew, understanding why events and decisions happened the way they did.

Kurson draws on great secondary sources, but the strength of this book is his access and extensive interviews of the three crew members and their families.

Due to their age, this book may be the last time their full story can be told this way and so well. Each of the three astronauts, who later achieved success in the corporate world, goes to great lengths to show the love and connection they had and still have with their families and especially their spouses.

As a the fifty year anniversary of this mission is approaching, reliving the important events of Apollo 8 for a new generation is very important.

As a narrative history, Rocket Men is quite enjoyable and a page turner. It is highly recommended. Feb 24, Christopher rated it really liked it Shelves: space-apollo-program , non-fiction , space , own-yes , read-no , space-moon.

Short version: Wow, what a surprise. To space fans, Apollo 8 is probably the least celebrated of the great spaceflights of the cold war.

There wasn't a book devoted to covering the flight until Zimmerm Short version: Wow, what a surprise. There wasn't a book devoted to covering the flight until Zimmerman published his trailblazing book in , thirty years after the fact.

Amazingly, it was nearly another twenty years before Kluger's book arrived in Kluger is an outstanding writer, and I think his efforts on Lost Moon made it one of the best books about the Apollo program.

With Apollo 8 , it seemed to me that Kluger had written the definitive book about Apollo 8. Kluger wrote elegantly and authoritatively, and he tells the story almost through the eyes of the astronauts themselves.

What more needed to be said about this event? But as we sometimes learn, a new perspective can be refreshing, even when we think the last word may have been spoken about a particular subject.

In , a new book about Apollo 8 was unexpected, especially from a writer whose skills did not appear to be in aerospace.

I found Rocket Men by a happy accident during a search on Amazon, and I automatically knew I needed to have it. Robert Kurson was a bestselling author, but I didn't know anything about him or the book he wrote, Shadow Divers.

It was with that skepticism that began reading Rocket Men. It initially did nothing to allay my fears. First, I groused about the title, which I felt was too broad and undescriptive.

Rocket Men also happens to be the title of an earlier and lesser book about the Apollo program, so the chance of confusion was possible. What author wants to title their book after an earlier, undistinguished book about the same subject?

Kurson was losing me right from the gate. What quiet engineer contemplates saving the world? This did not seem like the behavior of George Low, one of the architects of the Apollo program.

What a melodramatic way to begin a book, I kept thinking. As Kluger accurately described in his book, the crew that would eventually become Apollo 8—Frank Borman, James Lovell, and William Anders—were originally slated for a high earth orbit mission on Apollo 9.

This is an important change, and all it needs is a short explanation of before and after. The reader might naturally believe it's a typo on page 9.

Elsewhere, there are a few minor errors of fact. In one instance, Kurson describes the launch of Sputnik 1 in as having taken place at the Baikonur Cosmodrome—although the launch complex was not known by that name until many years later.

In the s it was known merely as a missile test range near Tyuratam. And how about that those skillsets arguably vaulted the US space program ahead of the Soviets by that point?

To understand how Apollo came to be, I think it must be said why Gemini was important in laying the groundwork. And then came my outrage of the book.

Kraft is certainly referring to a specific point in the Apollo 8 planning, when a December mission date was contemplated but not yet committed.

By the time Kurson tells this story, Slayton had already swapped Apollo 8 and 9, and Apollo 8 was designated a lunar mission with a known December window.

So why would there be any question about lunar positions and trajectories? Because there wouldn't be. Kurson inserted this story too late, and it should have taken place when the change was being discussed in August.

I'll freely admit that I'm nitpicking heavily on some of this. But that's what I do with any space book. As I begin reading space history books by unfamiliar authors, my bullshit radar is always locked on.

Likewise, I'm also looking for positives that set books and authors apart from others. No difference here. All of these goals were extremely hazardous, and potentially catastrophic.

Apollo 8 would be by far the riskiest and most complex mission of the US space program to that point. That realization was not lost on James Webb.

To his credit, he deferred to his colleagues and allowed the plan to proceed. Webb was wary of the great risks involved in the mission, and he may have felt betrayed that he was kept out of the loop on decisions such as the configuration of Apollo 8 as a lunar mission.

In several stretches, Kurson shares that there was some pessimism about scheduling Apollo 8 during the Christmas season. That was potentially a very heavy burden to carry into retirement.

It probably would have crushed him. In another interesting section, Kurson highlights that it was Frank Borman who was the key figure who trimmed the number of lunar orbits down to just ten i.

He figured the longer they stayed away from earth, the more the chance for failure. Borman also fought other, lesser battles as well, including his refusal to allow a TV camera on the flight a battle which he lost.

Like all single-mission histories, Rocket Men features the requisite chapter-long bios of the crewmembers.

Kurson did his homework here, as well. All of the bios include some information either not widely shared or never before.

I also came away with an even fuller understanding of—and maybe even an appreciation for—Borman's tightly wound, no-nonsense personality.

Another deeply reported section—also not mentioned in the other Apollo 8 books—describes the evening before launch day.

After the crew spent time with Charles and Anne Morrow Lindbergh, Anders had several guests of his own, including his childhood priest.

As the visit continued, Borman—tense in the hours ahead of launch—snapped at Anders for the perceived distraction, and then apologized for his outburst.

Kurson takes his time, imparting a number of interesting details. Not long after, he even notes that the red alloy rings were for output and the blue rings were for input—not the usual stuff most Apollo books repeat ad infinitum.

One of my pet peeves about space books is authors' tendencies to summarize the pre-launch, launch, and post launch phases into disappointingly few pages.

If I remember correctly, Zimmerman's book summarized the Apollo 8 launch in a flimsy three pages. Launch is one of the greatest fascinations of rocket flight, but sadly, not many writers get it right.

Here, it was surprising and satisfying to finally read an author expounding upon this central subject. Kurson manages to weave many different elements into a fast-moving narrative, and gets into a good amount of detail.

He emphasizes the rough ascent of the Saturn V rocket and notes several times how terrifically loud it was in the command module.

Still, Borman kept his hand steady at the abort handle, and when the third stage engaged, Borman reported the problem had safely passed. To be completed.

Sep 12, Carly Friedman rated it it was amazing Shelves: audiobooks , nfbc-brs-and-botms , because-science. I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

Kurson did an amazing job describing multiple aspects of the Apollo 8 mission. We also learn about how they were selected, the training and other preparation for the mission, and their wives and families.

I loved the chapters that summarized the political and social environment during that time period. The description of the mission had me on the edge of my seat f I thoroughly enjoyed this book!

The description of the mission had me on the edge of my seat from takeoff to their return on earth. Kurson interviewed the astronauts and thus the level of detail is amazing.

Highly recommended! I genuinely look forward to reading more by this author. Dec 01, Ben rated it liked it Shelves: space. The story of Apollo 8, the first manned trip to and around the Moon.

For example, Bill Anders took his famous Earthrise photo in orbit around the Moon. There's very little new information here, but it is a good story. Kurson's angle seems to have been to interview each of the astronauts and their families, so we hear about their thoughts, and family and marital problems.

That's fine. There are extended biographical sketches of each astronaut. The book gives a good sense of the atmosphere for the The story of Apollo 8, the first manned trip to and around the Moon.

The book gives a good sense of the atmosphere for the astronauts and their families. Kurson also includes short summaries of current events.

Even though this is obviously just filler, to bulk the book up, I appreciated the context. The astronaut hero worship is still tiresome.

For example, Kurson says that no one else would have been willing to make the trip because it was so dangerous!

I think millions of people would have happily volunteered. Based on this book, one might wonder if anybody else worked for NASA, or if the astronauts designed and built the rockets themselves.

Jan 30, Linden rated it it was amazing. John F. The USA had a tremendous desire to win the space race, however, and against all odds, Apollo 8 was conceived and implemented, some said too quickly.

Astronauts Borman, Lovell, and Anders went on the historic Christmas mission to orbit the moon, and after a terrible year of riots, carnage in Vietnam, and assassinations of two beloved lea John F.

Feb 11, Laurens Ter Heegde rated it it was amazing Shelves: non-fiction. This book has been one of the most thrilling reads of my life.

Kurson managed to draw me into the command module and make me feel like I was there together with Borman, Lovell and Anders.

The narrative extensively treats the context of the mission in relation to the tensions that were troubling the United States in Since I was born over three decades after the events, this greatly helped in explaining the motives behind taking the gigantic risks involved with the mission.

The story conveys This book has been one of the most thrilling reads of my life. The story conveys the experience and effects of the mission on both a personal and collective level.

Ultimately, I believe that this book does justice to the achievements of all the people involved in leaving our own world and reaching another for the first time in history.

Feb 18, Janine rated it it was amazing. So incredible! Feb 17, Victoria rated it liked it Shelves: netgalley , abandoned. This is an excellent read and I think most with an interest in anything space will really enjoy it.

For me, perhaps it's because I've read SO much about the space program, I found it it to be somewhat pedestrian.

I didn't find too much here that I didn't already know something about and didn't think this telling brought that much new to the story.

Apr 11, Christi Tulenko rated it it was amazing. Read while sheltering at home during a national pandemic. I absolutely loved this beautifully written account of Apollo 8 and the three Astronauts who made Mans first Journey to the moon.

Sep 22, Cynda rated it liked it Shelves: biography-or-memior , technology , read , reading-mostly-nonfiction , travel , moon. Very accessible for just about anyone interested in the topic.

I got to meet the astronauts,to meet their families of origin and generation, and to get a glimpse of what life was like on board Apollo 8.

All of this written in a way that read like a novel--somethung important to many many readers. I just wanted more technology and science. I will take less readability almost any day if I can get the information.

Overall: Enjoyable and Informative. May 25, Jim rated it it was amazing. The main part of the book focuses on the three astronauts who were the first to go to the Moon--not to land on it, but orbit it--and those were the three men of Apollo 8- Borman, Lovell, and Anders.

Kurson gives us a succinct background to Apollo, which was the Cold War and Kennedy's commitment to send men to the moon by the end of the s.

What I did NOT know about Apollo 8 is that it was rushed ahead of schedule, perhaps unduly risking the lives of the astronauts. There were so many possibilities of things going wrong and the men dying in space that I have to ask: was it worth the risk in order to beat the Russians to the Moon?

Jan 24, Fredrick Danysh rated it really liked it Shelves: history , advance-read , science. Rocket Men is a record of America's space program's efforts to beat the Soviets in getting to the moon.

It mentions Apollo 1 disaster that took three lives and caused the acceleration of American efforts.

Apollo 8's entire workup and mission is laid out. This is a decent work about space exploration and NASA. My copy was a free review copy through Goodreads.

Jan 31, Bill Shannon rated it it was amazing. I've read my share of books about NASA and the space program, and while most of them consider the Moon Landing to be the apex of the early program's accomplishments, it seems like the Apollo 8 mission -- the first to go around the moon without actually landing on it -- might be the more galvanizing of the two.

I'd have to say this is probably the best book I've read so far about space exploration. The flight of Apollo 8 was the first time that humans left the earth's gravitational pull I've read my share of books about NASA and the space program, and while most of them consider the Moon Landing to be the apex of the early program's accomplishments, it seems like the Apollo 8 mission -- the first to go around the moon without actually landing on it -- might be the more galvanizing of the two.

The flight of Apollo 8 was the first time that humans left the earth's gravitational pull and entered that of another celestial body.

Apollo 8, in retrospect, was an unbelievable feat of engineering, mathematics, precision and piloting skill. The author, Robert Kurson, does such a beautiful job of painting a picture of this insular world.

He introduces each of the three characters -- Frank Borman, Jim Lovell and William Anders -- organically, so we get to know each of them as individual humans, not just as Olympians of space exploration.

We follow each man's journey up to the point at which they are pulled together as a space all-star team of sorts, chosen to undertake the most ambitious journey in mankind's history.

The mission is put in context of its time: the s in general and in particular, a time of great turmoil in the middle of the Cold War, a trio of a traumatic assassinations, the Vietnam war, and the dawn of the Nixon presidency.

The mission wasn't just important to the pocket protector set at Cape Canaveral, but to America and to human kind. I have to say out of all the books I've read about space travel, no book better captures what it must have felt like sitting in that spacecraft going to uncharted territory.

You really do feel the tension, the claustrophobia and the pure awe of that journey. Feb 01, KatieSuzanne rated it it was amazing Shelves: audiobook.

This was such an amazing book and story. It was before my time, but not that much before, and I had no clue about any of this stuff. It's crazy how quickly things are lost.

The story telling of everyone involved and the state of the country at the time was incredible. I had a friend in my car that listened to a half hour of the audiobook with me while they were in orbit and he had to borrow it and listen to the whole thing afterwards.

The audiobook had a bit at the end by the author talking abou This was such an amazing book and story.

The audiobook had a bit at the end by the author talking about interviewing the astronauts and how he came to write the book. It was a great addition.

Apr 27, James rated it it was amazing. This book was like no other non-fiction I have ever read. It read like any fiction book, with tons of plots and twists and always full of anticipation.

I read this in 2 days while on vacation. I look forward to reading many more books from this author, starting with "Shadow Divers".

If you have any interest at all in what it took to put a man on the moon and the significance of the Kennedy era space race I cannot recommend a better book.

This was a fantastic read. Readers also enjoyed. About Robert Kurson. Robert Kurson. Robert Kurson is an American author, best known for his bestselling book, "Shadow Divers," the true story of two Americans who discover a sunken World War II German U-boat and for "Crashing Through," the story of an entrepreneur who regains his eyesight after a lifetime of blindness.